About Us

About Us

WeBelieve is a non-partisan, non-governmental movement of Nigerians who are determined patriots mandated to strategically galvanize the President Muhammadu Buhari Led Government and Leadership back into Political Power in the  February 2019 Presidential Election.

WeBelieve is an established movement built on the rock of unified conglomerate of visionary Believers strategically set up in all parts of the country, who are hands-on ready to steer up the populace of people with the voice and ideals that the Buhari-led administration is fulfilling its campaign promises to Nigeria and has salvaged the Nigerian state from the pits of economic recession and corruption.

WeBelieve as a community of believers continue to sound the gong with passion that enough is enough to the predecessive governments that riddled and muddled our country in the muddy waters and quicksand of corruption and waste.

We are inspired by the many unsung achievements of the Buhari administration doing so much and with far less, shattering records with visible transformation in the capital and infrastructural investment also ensuring average Nigerians are the primary beneficiaries of the Nigerian wealth with the unprecedented Social Security and Welfare Investments.

Our vision is ultimately the prosperity of the future of our country by ensuring we canvas for the much-needed support and votes to ensure the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari to continue the landmark achievements and to ensure the Geometric growth of the sovereign wealth of Nigeria, prosperity of Nigerians and totally rid our nation of corruption that has handicapped our development in the past.

Success stories abound in every corner of economic development. There is no other way than progress, the momentum to deliver even further is with this regime.


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