44 Reasons to Re-elect President Muhammadu Buhari

It is an election year, 2019 when Nigerians decide who takes rein for the next four years. It is time when we look back to see where we are coming from, look at the present to see where we are, look within, to know what we want, then look ahead to envisage where we are headed.

A good journey is one that involves the power of retrospection to escape from previous errors and avoid pitfalls. Our recent past is a sour story to our lips. Before the inception of this administration, Nigeria was plagued by uncertainty, terror was our constant companion and fear reigned supreme. Infrastructures were moribund, and power a distant fable. Nigeria as a nation was the tale of a vanquished giant. North-Eastern Nigeria was a no-go area, whereas other parts became refugee land. Corruption stood tall, receiving institutional obeisance. Employment and economic progress were fleeting luxuries, while the standard of living was at an all-time low. Every eye that once gazed upon communicated despondency, disillusion and ragtag patriotism. To be a Nigerian was to be a moral, economic and diplomatic outcast.

Therefore, Nigerians with one voice spoke in unison and sent their tormentors packing. It was then we exhaled. The wind of change blew in and gave us hope, bequeathing to us a sense of pride and an ability to rise from the dust. Buhari blew that wind. Giving hope to a gasping nation and a belief in ourselves as a people. With nothing, he created much, giving us a foundation that will last a thousand years. In 3 and half years, he has re-written our story, giving us hope. We are more secure than we were.

Nigeria has been through the woods in the past but we are out. The almost four years in power of this present administration has ‘righted’ wrongs and delivered the dividends of democracy to Nigerians. Our country has a solid foundation laid for its prosperity this last 3 and half years. So as we look forward to this elections, let our choices be from an informed vantage. A good turn deserves another, therefore, the need to give him 4 years to the 4 he has now. It is good he gets 4+4 years to make 8

It is in the light of this, that we introduce you to the 44 reasons why President Muhammadu Buhari should be re-elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


One Response to " 44 Reasons to Re-elect President Muhammadu Buhari "

  1. Abeeb Akeem says:

    Baba has done well , let him continue the good job

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